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The benefits of quiet yoga are well-studied and vastly understood both in the scientific and yogic communities. Yin and restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and meditation all reduce stress and tension in mind and body. Yin yoga particularly increases the range of movement and flexibility in your body, and quiet yoga can also reduce the risk of injury in your body.

These practices, as part of your routine, can allow for a deeper connection with your body and your thoughts, as you learn a non-judgmental method of self-study and acceptance. Through a focus on breath, quiet yoga balances prana, or chi, in the body. Just because these are quiet practices – or more contemplative states of being in yoga – does not mean these are easy. Your mind will wander! You will reach what you consider a limit in your body or mind and work safely to expand that limit. But if you approach these practices with kind dedication, the relaxing and rejuvenating practices of quiet yoga will extend to your life off the mat as well.

Paul Grilley, one of our teachers at Pranamaya and the founder of how we study yin here in the US, says “Yoga is unique in its ability to cultivate introspection.” Particularly with quiet yoga, you are left only in conversation with your body and your breath, forming deep connections between them. You can observe yourself with a heightened perception, noticing and learning how to remove any harsh judgement. You do not need a strong background in yoga to practice quiet yoga, but many life-long yogis still find immense benefit to quiet yoga.

Here at Pranamaya, we offer classes like “Yin Yoga: The Foundations of a Quiet Practice”, “Insight Yoga: Earth”, and “Deep Renewal Nidra”

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