The 3rd Dimension: The Mind

The Third Dimension: The Intellectual Mind By Gary Kraftsow The ancients recognized the inherent power of the mind and the tremendous influence that it has over the entire human system. They knew that it is through the mind that we are able to perceive, understand,...

Yoga Therapy Tip of the Day

Yoga Therapy Tip of the Day Vimanasana: Chariot or Airplane Pose The fact is that we are all human and we all get moody at times. Dependent perhaps on the weather, the circumstances throughout our day or weeks even, the score of a game, the outcome of a movie, the...
What is a Chakra?  by Paul Grilley

What is a Chakra? by Paul Grilley

by Paul Grilley Chakras are spiritual centers in the brain and spinal cord where the physical, astral, and causal bodies are knit together and influence one another. There are several chakras: some are considered major, some minor. Some traditions focus on five...
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