Embracing Self-Love via Self-Care

To Care For Yourself is to LOVE Yourself By Sabrina Samedi The month of love, or rather the month of being visually stimulated with an abundance of oversized heart-shaped and bright pink color-coated candies and balloons in almost every shop you walk into nationwide...

Yoga Therapy Tip of the Day

  Vajrasana: Kneeling or Diamond Pose By Sabrina Samedi Advancements in technology are not only coming at us from both left and right field, but are competing for our attention on a daily basis- cue the introduction of the new slew of gizmos, gadgets, smart...

Yoga Therapy Tip of the Day

Urdhva Prasarita Padasana: Upward Stretched Legs Despite our best intentions, we often need an extra nudge of willpower to help us carry through our daily mission statements and to-do lists. Well the good news is that support is just a few cycles of breath away- yoga...

Strawberry Cheesecake: A Recipe for LOVE

By Sabrina Samedi Everyday is a reason to celebrate love and rejoice in the magic of soulful and good intentions, but for some of us we loose sight in showcasing gratitude for LOVE on a daily basis and guess what? That’s fine…we are all human perfectly...

Yoga Therapy Tip of the Day

  Yoga Therapy Tip of the Day Virabadrasana I: Warrior 1 Pose Somedays we need to repeat our daily affirmations and morning mantras more than usual. Constantly reminding ourselves that we are enough, we are strong, we are compassionate souls deserving of...
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