Maintain a Healthy Spine Through Yoga

By Paul Grilley Some yoga instructors insist that students avoid curvature of the spine by insisting on tucking the pelvis. But any healthy movement can be overdone. Rather than insist on always having the pelvis tucked encourage your students to utilize the full...
Elevating the Pelvic Floor

Elevating the Pelvic Floor

By Shalmali Pal It’s a unique situation: A group of women, gathered together in a yoga studio, to discuss their pelvises. That’s what happens when yoga teacher Leslie Howard leads her workshop, “Demystifying Down There,” designed to shed light...

How the Internet Effects Our Brain

By Nicholas Carr In 2008 , Small and two of his colleagues carried out the first experiment that actually showed people’s brains changing in response to Internet use.  The researchers recruited twenty-four volunteers— a dozen experienced Web surfers and a dozen...
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