Our Story

Pranamaya brings the authentic teachings of yoga to life for students of all levels. In partnership with our faculty of visionary yoga and meditation masters, we offer an inspired library of in-depth programs and online certification courses for brand-new students, long-time practitioners, and established teachers wanting to enhance their skills.

In the service of this ongoing mission, Pranamaya continues to create empowering educational programs featuring yoga and meditation instruction from globally recognized experts, on a digital media platform built with the latest technology.

Tracee Stanley, E-RYT


Tracee Stanley is an internationally renowned yoga teacher with over two decades of experience in Yoga and Tantra with a focus on empowerment, Sankalpa (intention), self-mastery, and healing. Tracee enjoys sharing the profound practices of Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Self-Inquiry informed by wisely sequenced asana, mantra, and kriya practices to create a fertile environment and safe container for transformation and growth.

As a former high-level executive in the film industry, Tracee’s yoga practice provided the balance, clarity, and perspective required to find calm in the midst of chaos. After reading a translation of the Yoga Sutras, Tracee began a quest to source deeper teachings of yoga and became a passionate advocate for the transformative power of this ancient practice.

Since 2001, the focus of Tracee’s teachings have been inspired from over 17 years of study with Yogarupa Rod Stryker, Tantric wisdom and her own personal journey of discovery.

Tracee utilizes the unique practices of the Himalayan traditions to guide students towards the door of awakening into their true nature, creating positive momentum and accelerating the trajectory towards fulfilling their destiny for an empowered life that is full of purpose and joy.

Tracee continues to bring the ancient teachings to bear on the modern world through her internationally-acclaimed Yoga Nidra and Meditation workshops, her popular Empowered Life Oracle Cards, a transformational set of self-inquiry cards, as well as her Sankalpa Shakti Yoga Teacher trainings and Yogic Lifestyle Programs.

Tracee serves on the faculty of Esalen Institute, tours with Wanderlust Festival, is a contributing writer for Woke and was named as a leading influencer by Yoga Journal.

Harley Rinzler


Harley Rinzler is a forward-thinking digital technology mogul with over two decades of experience in the film, television, and interactive digital media industries.

His lifelong passion for employing the power of media to simultaneously engage and inform stems from his own struggles with dyslexia. By utilizing alternative media— in this case, books on tape— Harley was able to overcome his own educational blocks, faster and easier than he had ever thought possible.

This breakthrough set Harley on an industry career path that included acting, producing, directing, and eventually the creation of Harley’s House and Playground his own successful LA-based post-production and design companies. The companies specialized in groundbreaking interactive educational experiences, TV commercials, movie trailers, creating DVD extras for popular films and television shows, and quickly became known for delivering high-value content in a memorable and enjoyable way.

Harley’s discovery of yoga happened later in life and is a familiar story for many. A chance neck injury sent him on a typical path through our medical system, with a team of neurologists and surgeons offering invasive surgical and chemical treatment plans… all of which would have condemned him to a life of pain and a radical loss of function.

Opting against surgery, Harley began a regimen of Yin Yoga and Viniyoga Programs by renowned Pranamaya Master Teachers, Paul Grilley, and Gary Kraftsow. He started doing these practices every day and regained complete range of motion and strength, and got back to as good as (if not better) than prior to his injury. This radical healing opened his eyes to the transformative power of these seemingly simplistic practices, and he became a living-proof example of how effective these yoga programs can be.

Harley’s belief in the healing power of Yoga, combined with his dedication to interactive technology, empowers his continuing mission: the ongoing growth and development of Pranamaya as the most innovative and trusted source for this type of Yoga education in the world.

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