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Have you ever had one of those days where you can’t seem to clear your head, and anxiety keeps you too overwhelmed to get work accomplished? Yoga and meditation centers around clearing your mind and getting in touch with your inner peace. You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t have time to invest in yoga classes. Luckily, you can order a yoga meditation DVD, like Chakra Theory and Meditation with Paul Grilley, and practice in the convenience of your own home!

Before you start thinking that you can’t participate in yoga because you don’t have experience, remember that yoga meditation is about finding a balance within yourself. Yoga meditation allows you to focus and connect on a spiritual level. Once you are able to control your mindset, you’ll be able to control your anxiety.

Here are just a few things you’ll learn from the yoga meditation DVD that will help you to reduce your anxiety:

Controlling Your Breathing: It may seem like a basic practice, but having a deep, steady control over your breathing can calm you down in the most stressful situations and reduce your anxiety. Most yoga practices begin in the standard sitting position with your hands on your knees and your spine straight. Take several deep breaths in and out until you find a rhythm that you’re comfortable with and maintain it throughout your practice. A yoga dvd like Gary Kraftsow’s Viniyoga Therapy for Anxiety is a prime choice for gentle, therapeutic yoga that focuses on breath.

Focusing on Inner Energy: It’s not always easy to find that focus on your inner energy. With the guidance of your expert teacher in a yoga meditation DVD, you’ll be able to discover that focus and channel your inner energy into positive thoughts. Those positive thoughts and clarity of mind will help reduce your anxiety and enable you to prioritize what’s important in your life.

There are several poses and techniques that are specifically used for focusing on inner energy. The core technique in most yoga practices is Downward Dog, which is also a resting pose. Downward Dog puts you into a position where your entire body is balanced with an equal amount of space and your spine is relaxed, allowing you to focus on your breathing.

Humming and Chanting: Another phenomenal technique for reducing anxiety through yoga meditation is humming and chanting. Sometimes letting out a vocal deep breath, or airy hymn, can really lift a load off of your shoulders! Don’t be afraid to vocalize during your practice, or along with your teacher in a yoga meditation DVD.

You can also download additional soundtracks to play while you practice your yoga meditation, or whenever you need to feel at ease. Everything you need to reduce anxiety through yoga meditation is available at Pranamaya, so browse our variety of teachings.

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