ClickCease Supplies for Yoga Class for Ease and Comfort

It’s never been easier to supplement your yoga practice with items to make practice easier, healthier, and less stressful. There are particular supplies for yoga that will keep you coming back to class comfortable and confident. Here we’ll give you a roundup of the most essential items you should bring to every yoga class.


Hydration is absolutely essential during yoga. You’ll need to release the toxins that can build up in your body during specific yoga poses. H2O is the best way to flush out those toxins and rehydrate your system.

While you won’t drink much water during class, you’ll want to make sure you are properly hydrated during the day before class and after practice. In general, you should be drinking about 64 ounces of water every day. If your practice is particularly hard, or if you’re doing a hot style of yoga, that number may increase. Most studios have a drinking fountain or water cooler, but bring your own bottle to save time and money.


Yes, your yoga studio most likely has supplies for yoga, including mats that you can borrow or rent during class. But to avoid any issues of hygiene, and to make your yoga practice more portable,consider investing in your own yoga mat.

When you’re shopping around for a yoga mat, take into consideration these three variables:

Length: You always want to make sure your mat is long enough, especially if you were blessed with the tall genes. There are extra-long yoga mats on the market, which typically run from 72–84 inches.

Thickness: Comfort is key in yoga, and the thickness of your mat is essential to this. If your mat is too thin your knees may get bruised, but if it’s too thick you may have trouble feeling grounded to the floor. Most yoga mats are about ⅛ thick, but they can go up to ¼.

Texture: Also called “stickiness,” the texture of your mat will help prevent slippage of your hands and feet during poses. Mats made of more natural material generally have a rough feel, while the manmade, vinyl PVC mats frequently have a softer feel.

Sweat is inevitable during an intense yoga practice. But to avoid making your mat a slippery-when-wet danger zone, bring a towel with you to class. There’s no need to get fancy—a standard washcloth or hand towel will work just fine. If you want to upgrade your supplies for yoga, consider a yoga-specific towel with extra-absorbent material that dries quickly.

Breathable Clothes

The clothes you wear to yoga will, in part, depend on the type of class you’re attending. If you’re headed to a heated class, consider wick-away clothing. In general, however, women should wear fitted tops so that your top doesn’t drop over your head during inverted poses. Fitted pants are also useful for helping your teacher check your alignment during class. Just be sure you have comfortable, breathable clothes. Your focus should be on your practice, not your clothes.

Supplies for yoga shouldn’t stress you out or overwhelm you. Choose simple and useful items to help streamline your yoga practice.

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