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Did you know that there are two types of yoga, the “Yin” and the “Yang?” Most popular yoga practices focus more on the Yang Yoga, which is more physically engaging. However, for those looking to achieve inner peace, increased circulation, and improved flexibility, Yin Yoga is what you need. You don’t need to go to an expensive yoga class when you can practice right at home with one of our favorite Yin Yoga books by Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice.

This slower paced style of yoga will help you focus on your breathing, which is one of the most important aspects of yoga. Deep, synchronized breaths will keep your mind balanced with your body and promote the circulation of blood and oxygen. It’s not so much about getting a workout as it is about improving flexibility.

In Yin Yoga you’ll do a series of long held poses that consist mainly of three aspects:

Get Past Your Comfort Zone:

If you only practiced the poses that don’t make you feel a stretch or strain, you aren’t going to improve your flexibility. Yin Yoga is about finding your comfort zone, then pushing further until you feel that extra stretch, without hurting yourself.

Remain Still:

Once you’ve reached a pose that makes you feel the stretch, you’re going to need to adjust so you can remain still while holding it. If you are teetering or moving, adjust your pose so that it’s comfortable to hold.

Hold the Pose:

Don’t think about the time passing. In fact, try not to think about anything but your breathing and the way your body feels at every point. It might be hard to keep from fidgeting, but the point of this type of practice is to clear your mind, which is why the poses are held for long periods of time.

You’ll learn many different types of poses and techniques in our Yin Yoga books. Another important teaching how you should hold each pose. Keeping yourself from being distracted is key, because once you become distracted, it’s the first sign that you’re no longer present.

Distraction is manifestation of avoidance and is considered a way to numb what we don’t want to look at. Instead of allowing distractions in our lives, we must alternatively practice quiet and stillness, which is the backbone of creativity and intuition.

Space, time, and quiet in general can be uncomfortable, but it’s what will help you really be able to listen, and achieve inner peace. Learn all of this and more in Yin Yoga books at Pranamaya, like Grilley’s Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice.


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