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Coming Home to Embodied Presence emerged due to heart break and despair. As I experienced our culture causing harm to so many through policy and practice as well as dominance and oppression, my heart continued to feel strained and shattered. I am an empath and intuitive being and this means I am sensitive to what is occurring on a micro and macro scale. I am connected to the subtle and the not-so-subtle energy associated with being alive at this time.

Through heartbreak and the desire for healing, I found myself practicing and leading meditations focused on the heart, calm strength and coming home to myself. Disembodiment leads to harm because we cannot feel what we are doing or the impact of our actions on others. Embodiment allows us to reconnect, to be with ourselves and to truly feel our connection with others, all beings.

The meditations are meant for healing a broken heart. They are meant to calm us and support us in being steady and grounded during this time of cultural and political upheaval. They are meant to bring us home to our body and to invite us into seeing ourselves as part of the collective body.

-Michelle Cassandra Johnson

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