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In the past few years the juicing trend has exploded: everyone from celebrities to your work colleagues are touting the virtues of juicing for health benefits. But is juicing just a trend, or is it here to stay? Can it have benefits for your yoga routine?

Behind the Juicing Trend

The busy modern lifestyle is likely one of the biggest reasons that juicing for health benefits has become so popular. If your lifestyle or job makes it difficult to plan several healthy meals every day, then green juices can help you get all of the vegetables you need with much less effort. Juicing also allows you to enjoy a wider variety of fruits and vegetables than you might normally eat, as it is easy to incorporate them into a single juice blend.

Juicing for Health Benefits

The health benefits of juicing are incredible. By expanding the number and quantity of vegetables you eat, you make more nutrients available to your body. Diets rich in plants help reduce the risks of major life threatening diseases, like heart disease and cancer. You’ll also find that if you start juicing for health benefits, you’ll have an easier time managing cravings and fending off illness. By drinking juices chock full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, you’ll be doing your body a world of good that will help you feel better on and off the mat.

Juicing and Yoga

So, how does juicing for health benefits relate to your yoga practice? For starters, if you are getting all the nutrients you need, your energy levels will improve and as a result, you may find yourself spending more time on the mat. When combined with a healthy, balanced diet and a consistent yoga routine, juicing also helps promote weight loss. Because juicing helps promote a strong immune system, you’ll be able to better fend off pesky colds and debilitating flus that keep you from exercise. Yoga is not just about the time you spend moving through the asanas, but also about living a mindful, balanced life. Juicing can be a great way to help you feel balanced and healthy.

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