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Yoga can be intimidating, to say the least. If you’ve ever admired the grace of a yoga class and decided to join in on-the-fly, you’ve probably felt the shock and embarrassment of performing a physical routine for which, you realized far too late, you were unprepared.

The trick is to start slow with a routine that is geared just for you.  Whether you are trying to address a specific or general physical issue, such as arthritis or inflexibility, here are a few yoga poses that will ensure you start off on the right foot.

Types of Yoga Poses for Arthritis

If you have arthritis, you have the misfortune of knowing plenty of pain without adding an unnecessarily difficult yoga regimen. Beginning a low-impact regimen that focuses the benefits of yoga’s breathing exercises can help lessen many of arthritis’ muscle symptoms, such as lower back pain.

Try the Sun Salutation for a low-demand pose that highlights breathing and stretching. Begin by standing straight, with hands relaxes on the side. Bring your hands over your head to touch and before slowly letting your torso drop over your legs as you exhale. Step back, and, supported by your arms, look straight up. Shift your weight back on your ankles, before gently rising towards your beginning position.

Types of Yoga Poses for Office Workers

Nearly every yoga pose that requires octopus-like stretchability has a chair variation perfect for desk-trapped office workers or for those of us who were simply born inflexible. Here are some easy yoga chair poses that will have anyone rejuvenated.

Basic Upper Leg Pose

Restore circulation to your benumbed limbs with the Upper Leg pose. Scoot your chair from the table and with your feet planted firmly on the floor, lean slowly forward to touch the ground. Keep your eyes focused forward for 10 seconds before exhaling, rolling your shoulders forward and lowering your neck for a relaxed back expansion.

Be sure to also try the hip-loosening Side Leg pose or the Chest Opener as well!

Types of Yoga Poses for Starters

Before making that potentially mortifying trip to the public yoga class, perhaps it would be better to practice some easy, straight-forward basics at home so you can concentrate on proper form and breathing without having to worry about falling behind, or worse, falling down.

The Warrior

Stand sideways, legs apart, toes pointed to one side. Spread your arms to the sides, even with the shoulders. Slowly bend your front leg to a right-degree angle, bending your toes forwards. Count slowly to 10 and release, straightening the front leg and switching sides. The goal is to build the amount of time you can hold the pose correctly to about 1 minute, so, be sure to repeat.

Other poses to try: Tree Pose and Triangle Pose touching the knee.

Types of Yoga Poses for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy and yoga poses go hand-in-hand in their focus on physical ability and restoration. Easily modified to accommodate even serious disabilities, these yoga poses will have both you and your physical therapist moving with joy.

Cat Pose

Set yourself up like a table, back flat, each limb as a different leg rooted on the floor.  Inhale as you let your stomach fall towards the fly as your lift your head and gaze straight up at the ceiling. Hold for about one minute, before relaxing your neck and shoulders, and arching your back, pulling your belly button inwards as far as you can comfortably go. Hold for another minute and release.

Also try: Cobra pose, Downward Dog variation using a block or other stand.

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