ClickCease Chakra Meditation Guide for Emotional Balance

The seven chakras are the energy centers of our body. Blocking the energy in any of these seven chakras can lead to emotional or even physical illness. Chakra meditation can help you achieve balance in your spiritual life that translates into your everyday life.

If you find chakras a bit daunting, this is the chakra meditation guide for you. This simple guide will help you begin the process of meditation, an understanding of your own chakras, and how they affect your own life. Even if you have never done chakra work before, this beginner’s guide will set you on a new path.

Mind as Body

Before you begin your meditation, it is essential to understand how chakras relate to our lives. Think of chakras as the inner manifestation of your outer feelings and behaviors. For example, if you are having pain in your relationships, that is directly connected to an upset in your solar plexus and heart. What happens in your outer life is a reflection of the balance of your inner chakras. By harmonizing your chakras you can begin spiritual healing.

Understanding the Chakras
Your seven chakras are not only associated with particular physical and spiritual parts of your body. They are represented by a specific color. Knowing these are vital in beginning your meditation. Our chakra meditation guide offers a brief overview of each chakra:

Root: Also known as the base chakra, this one is located in your tailbone and is red. The root chakra is about being physically present and comfortable wherever you are; it makes you stable and secure.

Sacral: The sacral chakra is responsible for feelings and sexuality, and is connected to passion and intimacy. This orange chakra is a few inches under your belly button.

Solar Plexus: Located between your rib cage, the yellow solar plexus chakra is linked to self-assurance, self-esteem, and self-control.

Heart: This heart chakra is all about love. Green in color, it is centered in your chest and brings feelings of compassion and tenderness.

Throat: The blue throat chakra is self-expression and creativity. An open throat chakra often indicates an artist.

Third Eye: This chakra, positioned on the forehead in between the brows, is indigo and deals with intelligence and observation, as well as psychic abilities or a sixth sense.   

Crown: The seventh chakra, which is violet, is located at the top of the head and helps with your connection to the world and to a higher power, in addition to wisdom.

Opening the Chakras

To open these chakras, start seated, your back in alignment, so that your weight is balanced centrally. Then, slow your breathing to a strong and steady breath. Finally, focus on the color radiating from the corresponding area in your body. Imagine that it is a spinning, spiraling light emanating from your body. Feel that color, that warmth, which will help you open the chakra and feel the energy in that specific location.

Want to learn more about the theories and concepts behind chakra meditation? Paul Grilley’s Chakra Theory and Meditation is a complete guide to the practice and ideas of chakras and the yogic path of the spirit. As an acclaimed yoga teacher and scholar, Grilley can lead you to the next level of happiness and health with his chakra meditation guide.


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