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Yoga has become an increasingly popular form of exercise over the past few years—and it’s no surprise. Practicing yoga has a variety of health benefits as it helps promote relaxation and combat stress. One of the great things about yoga routines is that they can be created or modified to accommodate specific needs. Anyone can find a routine that works for them, including seniors. The best yoga DVD for seniors will feature exercises that improve strength and stability, include information and practices for varying ability levels, and introduce techniques that focus on relaxation.

Yoga at Any Age

Some people mistakenly believe that yoga is only for individuals that can attack the most difficult poses without hesitation. The truth is that there are a variety of yoga routines and practicing at any level will open you up to its benefits, much like any exercise routine. Practicing a yoga routine regularly can help lower your risk of heart disease, maintain a healthy blood pressure, and help with mobility and flexibility. Basically, if you can breathe you can do yoga. It does not require extreme flexibility. With yoga you start where you are and Yoga for Seniors is a great DVD to meet you at whatever level of practice you find yourself at.

Decrease the Risk of Falls: Improve Balance and Coordination

As we get older, our coordination can decrease leading to an increase in stumbling and falls. Injuries resulting from a fall can be serious, and the best yoga DVD for seniors will address this fact and offer poses and movements that will build core areas to decrease the likelihood of falls.  

 It is important to regularly perform movements that focus on the lower body and help to strengthen the legs and hips. By working on these areas, seniors can improve balance and coordination and be less at risk for falls. Movements can be adapted, depending on skill level, and difficulty can be increased as participants become comfortable with a routine.

Yoga for All: Practice at any Skill or Mobility Level

As with any exercise routine, yoga participants will be at differing levels, with some starting as beginners, intermediate learners, and even advanced yogis. The best yoga DVD for seniors will acknowledge this diversity level and provide tips for increasing or decreasing difficulty. It will also accommodate seniors with different mobility levels and provide movements that can be done in a bed, chair, or while lying down or standing up.

Another tool that can benefit seniors is subtitles. An effective DVD will have large enough fonts for all seniors to easily read so that there are no added barriers to practicing yoga.

Move More, Stress Less: Learn How to Relax

Regardless of age, the ability to relax is a must. Stress can wreak havoc on anyone’s health, and the best yoga DVD for seniors will promote relaxation and help ward off stress and anxiety. Learn how to listen to your body and focus your mind so that you can enjoy yourself more and worry less.

The ability to relax is the key to good health. It can keep the heart healthy and manage blood pressure. Relaxation also helps to suppress sickness, like the common cold, and is believed to help keep your memory sharp. Plus, being relaxed just plain feels good!

Yoga is a great way to stay healthy at any age, and practicing yoga can help seniors to become stronger, more flexible, and decrease the chances of injuries from a fall. The best yoga DVD for seniors will promote balance and coordination, offer movements for all ability levels, and help decrease stress and anxiety. Start your journey into yoga today with the easy-to-follow DVD Relax into Yoga from Pranamaya, which brings the therapeutic benefits of yoga to seniors in a safe and gentle manner.  

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