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While one of the benefits of yoga is that you can practice many poses anywhere, wearing anything, what you wear for your regular yoga practice does have an impact on your experience. How you look during your practice isn’t important, but how you feel is crucial. After all, you want to be able to focus on your breath, on the poses, and on the experience as a whole, without being distracted by an itchy shirt or pants you need to adjust after every pose. Our experts are happy to offer you some tips to keep your yoga practice calm and comfortable with the
best clothes for yoga.

Dressing for Your Best Practice

The best clothes for yoga are the ones that help you free your mind from distraction. Nothing is worse than having to constantly fiddle with elastic that cuts into your skin or a top that slides off your shoulders during your practice. Pants or shorts should have a snug enough fit that you won’t need to tug at them during class, but also have enough stretch to allow a full range of motion with each pose. For ladies, yoga tops with built-in sports bras help to streamline packing for class. If you practice inversions, it’s useful to have a more form-fitting yoga outfit so that your clothes don’t slip while you’re upside-down.

Dressing for Different Branches of Yoga

Yoga classes

The best clothes for yoga can also change depending on which style of yoga you practice. Loose, comfortable pants are great for gentle stretching, like in hatha yoga classes. If the class is a hot yoga class, make sure to choose shirts and shorts or pants that will wick away sweat. Fabrics that breathe well will help keep you cool even during the most challenging sequences. Tops for hatha yoga can be a little looser, and it can be lovely to find a fabric that feels really soft and luxurious on your skin.

Honor Your Personality and Your Spirit

Above all, the best clothes for yoga should make you feel comfortable with who you are and to express yourself through movement and breath. The best clothes for yoga are the clothes that help you move and feel like yourself. Aslong as your yoga clothes do not distract anyone else in the class, you should feel free to have fun by playing with styles, colors, and fabrics that speak to you.

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