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There are many benefits to practicing yoga and taking online yoga courses, some of which you may already be aware of. Yoga is a form of exercise that helps maintain and promote well being. Many of the practice’s poses help increase strength and flexibility. Yoga also enhances one’s ability to relax through deep breathing, decreasing stress and anxiety. Online classes in particular have a set of perks that aren’t shared by in-person yoga sessions.

Practice on Your Own Time

While there might be a few different options to choose from when it comes to taking classes at a yoga studio in your community, nothing beats the convenience of taking a course in your own home. Pop right out of bed and start your class, or come home from a late night and unwind with a yoga session. Online yoga courses allow for flexibility in both your body and your schedule.

When you practice yoga at home, you also eliminate the time it takes to commute to a studio, and save on gas. Everyone can appreciate the accessibility of online courses, especially those who have unconventional or varied schedules.

Be Mindful of Your Wallet

Many people who practice yoga prefer frequent, even daily, sessions. While this is beneficial for the mind, as well as the body, it can take quite a toll on the wallet. The recurring payments can be one obstacle that prevents people from taking yoga classes as often as they want, or even at all. With online yoga courses, you can download workshops and classes for a one-time price and then watch them whenever you want.

This cost efficient method puts a variety of courses at your fingertips. You can choose from multiple styles and levels of yoga classes, as well as workshops that will give you more in-depth knowledge on certain forms of yoga and teach you how to  perform poses safely. Whenever you want to work through the class again, you can re-watch your downloaded video, or watch it right on our website, as many times as you want!

Go at Your Own Pace

Aside from being able to practice yoga whenever it is convenient for you, online yoga courses also allow you to move at a comfortable pace. Sometimes instructors can speed through a movement or class making it easy to get lost, especially if you are new to a certain type of yoga or yoga as a whole. Make your journey into yoga as comfortable as possible by following with courses from the comfort of your own home. You can even have group sessions with a few friends.  

Without a large crowd, you might find it less intimidating to try new poses or moves that you think you can’t do. You might be surprised at what you are capable of when you aren’t worried about others around you.

yoga courses onlineLearn from the Best

There are no doubt great yoga teachers in many cities, but online yoga courses are able to introduce you to some of the best teachers in the world. Pranamaya Yoga Media gives you access to courses from world class yoga teachers such as Andrey Lappa, Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, and Mark Horner, to name a few. You get to learn from the best at a fraction of the price and without leaving your home.

Not only are you able to learn from some of the most trusted master teachers in yoga, but you can also open yourself up to new opportunities and try out styles of yoga and meditation that you might not have even heard of.

Practicing through online yoga courses gives you the same benefits as practicing in a studio, with the added bonuses of saving money, practicing at your own pace and on your own schedule, and learning techniques from some of the most sought after teachers. Browse our selection of online classes and download a course today.

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