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Viniyoga Therapy at Aetna

Recently we saw a New York Times article that truly inspired us. The CEO of health insurance giant Aetna now offers meditation and yoga classes to his employees. Of Aetna’s workforce of around 50,000, 13,000 have already participated. According to this CEO, classes are overbooked! The CEO himself attributes his interest in yoga to a nearly fatal skiing accident he suffered only a few years ago, after which yoga and meditation helped him to manage the chronic pain he had been experiencing. We at Pranamaya are overjoyed hear of the benefits that viniyoga therapy and meditation have given to Mr. Bertolini, and applaud him for incorporating the therapeutic and restorative practices of yoga and meditation into his workplace.

Setting an Example

As the Aetna example so beautifully illustrates, yoga and meditation can help anyone and everyone manage their stress, their pain, and achieve more with their lives. Aetna shows us that viniyoga therapy is, quite literally, good for business. I’m sure Mr. Bertolini would recommend that anyone with an interest should at least try yoga and meditation, and we at Pranamaya agree. Not only that, we believe we have the tools, in the form of yoga DVDs and videos, to help any new student grow into an avid, thriving yogi.

Bring Viniyoga Therapy to Your World

Our educational material gives any student at any age or experience level access to yoga master teachers at a fraction of the cost of an in-person lesson. Practice each pose at your own pace. Our DVDs allow you to practice yoga in your home or office. If you have the space, why not take a page out of Aetna’s book?

For those seeking the benefits of viniyoga therapy who don’t believe they have the time, or the funds, to give to a yoga class or instructor, our DVDs are essential. The benefits of lowered stress can be enjoyed by anyone, and with Pranamaya there is nothing holding you back from experiencing the joy and serenity of yoga practice.

Join the Movement

Aetna is leading a new movement sweeping corporate culture, with more big businesses adding yoga and meditation classes to their list of benefits. Pranamaya offers courses and DVDs in popular disciplines for reducing stress and even easing joint and chronic pain. However, our selection is highly diversified.

From beginner materials to extremely advanced, Pranamaya offers yoga sessions to challenge even experienced yogi. We offer education in new and emerging disciplines such as Yin Yoga and viniyoga therapy.

Aetna, through offering yoga education to their employees, is a health insurance company showing a true interest not only in their employees’ health, but their well-being. We would again like to applaud them, and invite you to invest in your own well-being and join us today in the international practice of yoga.

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