ClickCease Yoga and Tea | Top Teas for Health and Happiness

There is nothing more refreshing and restorative than the combination of
yoga and tea. Tea is an incredible beverage that has amazing antioxidant properties and a wonderful variety of flavor profiles. It’s no wonder it’s been a beverage staple for thousands of years. The right teas can be powerful allies to a strong yoga practice and a healthy diet. Read what top five teas our experts recommend to boost your yoga practice.


Oolong Tea for Energy


Oolong tea is a lovely tea for times when you need a little pick me up in the morning. Oolong tea has also been associated with weight loss. Some studies suggest that the compounds in oolong tea can help reduce the risk of heart disease, inflammatory disorders, and high cholesterol. If you are looking for a warming, energizing tea that will complement your yoga lifestyle, oolong is a great choice.


Spicy, Warming Blends for After Class


Many studios will serve tea for yogis to enjoy after a class, so for many people yoga and tea are already a natural combination. If you’re looking for something that’s soothing and will help ease the transition between your practice and the outside world, try a blend of something with a little spice to bolster you. Teas with cinnamon or ginger can be very invigorating.


Red Tea: A High Antioxidant Alternative


We all know that green tea gets touted as one of the healthiest teas you can drink. If you’re interested in trying something new, red tea has wonderful antioxidant properties and offers a different flavor profile than your usual green tea. Like Oolong and green tea, red tea also helps with weight loss, so it can be helpful to combine a yoga and tea routine for the best health and weight loss results.


Lemongrass Tea to Aid Digestion


Lemongrass is another soothing tea that has a nice lemon flavor without being overpowering. Digestion is crucial to good health and lemongrass tea is well known for its digestive benefits. Enjoy a cup after you eat to maximize all of its amazing properties.


Calming Chamomile at Night


When you know it’s getting time to call it a night but find that your mind and body are still alert, a soothing cup of chamomile tea will help you settle down. Chamomile is a great digestion aid and has a pleasant, sweet flavor. This is a perfect yoga and tea pairing for those who practice in the evenings after work and want a restorative, relaxing beverage so they can fall asleep


Yoga and tea is a wonderful way to improve your health and get the most out of your practice. Visit our website to learn more from our blog and enjoy classes from some of the finest yoga teachers in the world.

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