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Meditation for Inspiration and Restoration

Saumya Lauren Toolin – 15 minutes

Intro: Your life force, your prana, moves in distinct directions in the body, and governs distinct physiological functions and emotional states. This practice utilizes breath and visualization to replenish depleted energy and fill your tank with enthusiasm and positivity.


Our guided meditation for inspiration utilizes breath and visualization to replenish depleted energy and fill your body with positivity. Nurture your life force to transform and care for the mind and body. Help guide your energy to create and protect your body’s physiological and emotional health.

Use Lauren Toolin’s guided meditation for inspiration and restoration to restore wholeness to the world around you. Embark on a journey of awakening and learn to bring your loving and natural presence into the world. The work of inspiration is a way to restore balance and harmony not only to the self, but to the larger world.

This downloadable practice helps you cultivate a sense of stillness and consciousness, affirming connections and affording peace and serenity. Join Toolin, a Senior ParaYoga teacher for over 20 years, in achieving inner tranquility and motivation.

This guided meditation for inspiration is for all types and levels of people. No matter if you are a first time practitioner or an experienced yogi, Pranamaya Yoga Media gives you the ability to choose a master class at an affordable price. Draw strength and inspiration from our meditation and yoga media.

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