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Insight Yoga

Join acclaimed teacher Sarah Powers for a beautiful meeting of yoga and Buddhism that creates an energetic yet safe environment for profound inner exploration. Insight Yoga features over four hours of practices, including two Yin yoga practices, two dynamic vinyasa sequences and guided meditation. Make this program the cornerstone of your home practice!


Insight Yoga

Sarah Powers – 252 Minutes

If you are looking for something more than just building muscle or losing weight, try learning from Pranamaya’s wide variety of products. They are vehicles towards inner and outer peace.

One of the best options for those seeking to calm both their mind and body is Insight Yoga taught by Sarah Powers. This is a unique blend of yin yoga, dynamic vinyasa, and meditation that will invigorate your spirit in addition to strengthening your body. This equal pairing of the yin, receptive parts of our being, with the yang, active elements, creates a balanced approach to yoga that will round out your at-home practice.

Purchase this Insight Yoga program for yourself or anyone you know who is seeking to find the calm that only holistic yoga practice can bring. Sarah Powers understands that the mind, body, and soul are connected. In this program, she guides you through a practice to release whatever is blocking you, be it a tight hamstring or a life purpose that has not yet been fulfilled.

Go deeper in your yoga practice and allow for a more enjoyable existence with Insight Yoga.



World-renowned yoga instructor and Insight Yoga founder, Sarah Powers' masterful and popular style of teaching interweaves the insights and practices of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal Psychology into an integral practice to discover and enliven the body, heart, and mind. Her yoga style blends both Yin and Yang, influenced by Viniyoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar teachings, and QI gong.


INSIGHT YOGA with Sarah Powers

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