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Coming Home to Our Embodied Presence By Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Michelle is the author of Skill in Action: Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World.

Michelle Cassandra Johnson created her new course Coming Home to Our Embodied Presence because she wanted to share the meditations she practiced herself to stay grounded in a chaotic world. She found these meditations because they’re what she needed in the moment. We hope they bring you the same calm and steady strength they brought her.


This course is comprised of three heart-centered meditations:

The Heart Meditation
This Mindfulness Meditation focuses on the heart as a passageway for experience and emotion. Michelle guides a journey to explore sensations, emotions, what is present in the heart and she offers the invitation to listen closely for your heartbeat with an awareness of your connection to all beings. Take time to sit, breathe and come home to your heart. 

Being Fully Present Meditation
This Mindfulness Meditation focuses on coming into the present moment. Fully and deeply. Michelle guides you through breathing, connection with physical sensations and emotions and invites you to work with the mantra “I’ve arrived, I’m here.” This meditation will allow you to turn inward, to center and find peace within yourself. The gift of coming into the present moment is invaluable.

Remembering Your Calm Strength Meditation
This Mindfulness Meditation invites you to visualize an image that represents calm strength. Through the breath and visualization you will call in an  image that both brings calm strength but also represents the calm strength they embody. You can visualize a landscape, being, something from the natural world, a Deity, the ocean or mountains inviting energy that reminds them of being grounded and centered and of their inner strength.

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