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Have you ever wondered about the mysterious power behind the breath?

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Do you want to take your yoga practice to the next level?

The Transformative Power of Conscious Breath

Level One –  The Foundations & Fundamentals of Pranayama
Level Two –  The Subtle Body & Therapeutic Applications

Pranayama is a powerful science that allows us to control and expand our vital life force. It is an essential understanding for any yoga teacher and student. Pranayama is the fourth limb of yoga as defined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The knowledge of Prana is necessary to expand our capacity to thrive.

In Sanskrit, Prāna means “life force” and Yama means “to restrain or control”. Pranayama is dedicated to managing your life force. It is an entire field of study that can restore and expand our ability to self-regulate. 

The power of our breath is undeniable and considered one of the most important areas of exploration because it is so vital for the optimal function of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Our respiration is the only bodily system that is both automatic and within our conscious control. This mysterious and extraordinary gift of breath can affect every area of our lives. We are only now starting to understand the immense power of these ancient techniques through scientific studies.

This transformative skill is essential as a yoga teacher, or a practitioner moving towards leading a more balanced and mindful life. Breathwork improves the quality of your sleep, promotes longevity, reduces your stress, improves blood pressure, helps achieve your weight loss goals, and so much more.

If you’re ready to take your practice to the next level, tap into your sense of well-being and create a deeper connection with yourself, this illuminating training may be what you’ve been looking for!



In Level 1 sessions, In Level 1 sessions, you’ll create the foundations of understanding how to use the breathwork and exploring, practicing with Lauren the fundamentals in this powerful Pranayama program.

In Level 2 sessions, you’ll take your knowledge further with a deeper dive into the structural, energetic, therapeutic, and spiritual applications of pranayama.

This program reveals pranayama’s essential and subtle spiritual aspects and is more than just an interactive catalog of techniques. 

For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on the earth  – Sanskrit Proverb  

About Your Teacher

Picture of Lauren Toolin

Saumya Lauren Toolin has been practicing Pranayama and yoga for over 40 years. As a yoga therapist and director of an established yoga school, she believes a healthy inner life starts with breath awareness.

Her teaching is always what she calls “breath-centric” and she has a mission to share the science and magic of the breath with all those she is privileged to teach.

Lauren is a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT) as well as a 500 Hour E-RYT. Her broad experience includes producing a PBS program on yoga, Yoga Journal’s editing team, and guest presenting at yoga conferences and renowned wellness centers like Kripalu, Menla, the Himalayan Institute, and Omega.

 Lauren is regarded as an expert anatomist, and her experiential anatomy and yoga training are popular throughout the country. As a developer and former director of the worldwide ParaYoga Master Training Certification Program and her training through her Yoga Vidya school, she has mentored hundreds of exceptional yoga teachers, practitioners, and students from all walks of life. 

For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on the earth  – Sansrit Proverb

What You’ll Learn in This Program

Breath is essential to life. From your first breath at birth to your last breath upon passing, you take about a half-billion breaths, usually without thinking about it. The mind, body, and breath are intimately aligned in a mysterious connection that influences every part of your life. Learning to breathe with awareness is a valuable tool in helping you restore your life.

Healing Breakthroughs & Transformation

Use these techniques to…

  • Improve sleep
  • Boost immunity
  • Regulate metabolism
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Increases overall vitality and healing

Mindful Balance & Growth

Use these techniques to…

  • Feel happier and more at ease, no matter what’s happening around you
  • Be fully present
  • Feel energized and motivated
  • Feel nourished, connected, and embrace change

Expert Guidance & Teachings

Use these techniques to…

  • Cultivate inner and outer well-being
  • Learn how to teach others about breathwork effectively
  • Gain valuable insights into anatomy and physiology

Contribution & Connection

Use these techniques to…

  • Make a meaningful impact in the lives of the people around you
  • Engage and inspire seekers with these accessible and powerful practices
  • Learn how to restore balance in yourself and others

Who is this For?

The Transformative Power of the Conscious Breath LEVEL 1 &2  is a foundational course carefully designed to support students from all walks of life, even at beginner levels…which means it’s not just for people who want to be yoga teachers.

This includes:

  • Seekers who long for more balance or a better sense of well-being in their lives
  • Those interested in learning how to apply breathing techniques for specific conditions and effects
  • Those who feel called to create health, vitality, and a more mindful yoga practice


This course is also a valuable resource for professional yoga instructors looking for tools to enhance their work and get continuing education for Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Professionals will learn how to step into their power as a teacher and become incredibly effective in helping others deepen their experience and understanding of yoga and breathwork.


This includes:

  • Yoga teachers
  • Bodyworkers
  • Somatic practitioners
  • Therapists seeking insights and skill development for themselves or their clients, particularly the power of breathwork to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression



Exclusive  Two-Part LIVE Workshop Schedule


SESSION 1: Pranayama From the East and West

In this powerful session, Lauren explores the physiological and energetic underpinnings of the power of conscious breath. You’ll learn to apply a foundational breath technique to your practice and unlock your own natural life force.

Discover the foundational concepts of Pranayama:

  • Western: Get a basic understanding of the anatomy and physiology of breath. Review breathing cycles, cellular respiration and the diaphragm to gain a deeper understanding of the techniques taught by Lauren, helping you put your knowledge into practice.
  • Eastern: Delve into traditional Yogic anatomy and the energy body and how it connects to your life force. 

Discover How Prana is Expressed:

  • Apply what you’ve learned as Lauren guides you through a detailed understanding and experience of the complete yogic breath, and the importance of diaphragmatic breath.
  • Learn how to add these important tools into your practice and how to help others do the same.

This session will be recorded and available on-demand—lifetime access.

Stones on wooden bed

SESSION 2: Transform Your Energy System – Merging of Breath, Body, and Mind with Action

In this workshop you’ll learn about yoga philosophy and lifestyle, giving you a supportive blueprint to follow for happiness, health, and peace. Lauren will guide you through powerful methods to do just that. Learn how the breath can help free you from thoughts, clutter, and excess energy weighing you down. 


Discover how to put Pranayama into practice:

  • Gain clarity on what’s draining your power
  • Awaken your life force – balance your energy
  • Understand how Pranayama fits into the 8 Limbed (Astanga) Path of Yoga
  • Experience how Pranayama influences the energy body and integrates the intelligence of the breath
  • Understand the dimensions of Self, and the Pancha Maya Kosha Model
  • Practice Teaching 

This session will be recorded and available on-demand—lifetime access.

3 women meditating outdoor

SESSION 3: Integrating the Wisdom: Awaken Your Pranayama Practice

Continue your transformational journey and awakening your body’s natural abilities to heal, adapt and expand. Lauren will cover more physiology, precautions, and therapeutics. In this workshop, become familiar with:

  • Nadis (energy channels) and their significance in breathwork
  • Swara Yoga emphasizes the study, control, and manipulation of breath
  • Learn three swaras or modes of breathing and their specific applications
  • Specific practices to infuse your body with oxygen, clear and release toxins, reduce stress and anxiety, help balance your hormones, and so much more…

This session will be recorded and available on-demand—lifetime access.


    SESSION 4 & 5:  Question and answer, Mid-course Check-in, and Certification

    These two sessions are especially designed to check in on your progress with Lauren. The final call will focus on students who want to get the certification. 

    This session will be recorded and available on-demand—lifetime access.


    Important note: This course provides 10 credits towards Yoga Alliance Continued
    Education requirements, once the final comprehension check and practicum
    assignment are completed.



    SESSION 1: Anatomy and Physiology

    Anatomy and Physiology, where breath and body meet. How particular muscles, nerves, and bones facilitate better breathing.

    In this session, Lauren takes you through ‘Prana Mapping part 1’ – Lauren’s unique experiential system merges the breath’s physical and energetic aspects for greater awareness and healing.


    • Prana Mapping, part one. Learn how Prana has the fluidity that flows through channels visualized as networks of rivers and streams that flow through and around the body.
    • Learn the incredible breathing techniques to help regulate bodily systems and functions.
    • Discover the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system and breath, including its impact on other systems and the role of the Vagus Nerve in pranayama practice.

    SESSION 2:  Energetic Anatomy

    Energetic Anatomy: The Vital Role the Subtle Body plays in optimizing understanding and well-being.

    In this powerful session, Lauren expands on ‘Prana Mapping part 1’ to give you a deeper understanding. Discover the subtleties of breathwork practices for specific situations and conditions – practical techniques and ideas to enhance your pranayama skillset.


    • Prana Mapping, part two, Gain a more profound knowledge of these Prana networks that flow through and around the body and learn to incorporate them into your practice and techniques.
    • The Three Bodies. We will explore the three bodies – Physical, Astral, Causal and their relationship to other subtle body concepts.

    SESSION 3: Pranayama as a Sacred Act

    Breathwork for Psychospiritual Awakening. In this session, you’ll learn Pranayama as a Whole Self-practice. How to purify, moderate and utilize Prana for better health and higher consciousness.


    • How to work with others to curate practices based upon their individual needs.
    • Learn how the interconnectedness of Breath, BodyMind, and Spirit are genuinely synergistic and can create more significant connections.
    • Scriptural and textual references and inspiration.
    • Purificatory pranayama practicum.
    • Breathwork applications for specific conditions.

    SESSION 4 & 5:  Question and answer, Mid-course Check-in, and post Office Hour & Certification

    These two sessions are specially designed to check in on your progress. Lauren will spend some time answering questions and checking in on your progress. The final call will focus on students who want to get the certification. This session will be recorded and available on-demand—lifetime access.

    This session will be recorded and available on-demand—lifetime access. 

    Important note: This course provides 10 credits towards Yoga Alliance Continued Education requirements once the final comprehension check and practicum assignments are completed.

    Included in This Program is An Amazing Bonus Bundle

    For a limited time, when you register for this program, you’ll get  Saumya Lauren Toolin Bonus Collection. Explore your inner wisdom, master the art of meditation, and clear away the negative energy that’s keeping you stuck, in this powerful collection of teachings valued at OVER $500.

    Bonus #1:

    Foundations and Fundamentals Master Class

    In this workshop, explore Tadasana as the most fundamental of all asanas. When you can master this fundamental form, you uncover a foundation for all other yoga postures. With Lauren as your teacher, fall in love with your physical foundation as you explore and adapt elements of Tadasana, the ‘home base’ of yoga poses. Understand and experience what ‘anatomical neutral’ really is. Use props creatively to establish physical steadiness. Connect with the breath as your primary source of energy and awareness.

    Bonus #2:

    Image of Lauren Toolin about "Introduction to Tantric meditation"

    Introduction to Tantric Meditation

    Tantra seems a mystery, but at its core is fundamentally a path to self-mastery. And in these trying times, this spiritual science has more relevance and applicability than ever. Tantra is to be experienced, not just studied, as a yogic system that catalyzes your self-knowledge, personal empowerment, and connection to the Sacred.  This course introduces you to the world of Tantra through meditative practices that celebrate and weave spirit and matter in a very practical expansive way.  The result? More capacity, connection and freedom. Suitable for new meditators and teachers alike.

    Bonus #3:

    Image of African American woman meditating

    Transforming Negativity Kriya

    Channel your inner power to transform your negative perceptions into positive ones with this 7-minute guided meditation for positivity. The world is full of negative thoughts, feelings, and actions, but these emotional barriers keep us discontent and fearful. This Kriya meditation is based on Yoga Sutra 2.33, which teaches that we should learn to cultivate the opposite thoughts, pratipaksha bhavana, and create positivity.

    By developing positive thoughts, we can begin the process of self-healing. Replace rage with compassion, disdain with love, and violence with peace to bring contentment. Lauren Toolin’s guided meditation for positivity can clear our psyche and balance our mind and body.

    If you are new to meditation or a beginner, this is the perfect place to start your journey. If you’re an experienced practitioner, meditation will help you further develop your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

    Browse Pranamaya Yoga Media to find the practice that works for you. We bring master classes to the comfort and convenience of your own home.


    Free the Breath

    A restorative yoga practice for enhanced respiration.

    Did you know that, ideally, pranayama is best practiced when we are calm and relaxed in body and mind? In this 25 minute session, Lauren guides you through four restorative yoga poses that not only aid in opening your breathing space structurally, but also soothe your beleaguered nervous system. You will then be better prepared to practice and receive the greatest benefit from your breathwork.

    Tips and Pointers

    Using the breath as a real-time energy management system.

    Pranayama does not always need to be done in isolation from the rest of our lives. Here, Lauren shares how you can take your pranayama experience ‘on the road’ as an aid to more easeful interaction with our inner and outer environments.

    Here’s What You’ll Get When You Register Now

    Collection of course in electronic devices

    The Program: The Transformative Power of Conscious Breath 

    Level 1 – The Foundations & Fundamentals of Pranayama

    ✓ 3 Live Video Training with Master Teacher Lauren Toolin (Over 8 Hours of Training)

    ✓ 2 Pre-Recorded Video Lesson with Master Teacher Lauren Toolin

    ✓ 2 LIVE Q&A with Master Teacher Lauren Toolin

    Level 2 – The Subtle Body & Therapeutic Applications

    ✓ 3 Live Video Training with Master Teacher Lauren Toolin (Over 8 Hours of Training)

    ✓ 3 Pre-Recorded Video Lesson with Master Teacher Lauren Toolin

    ✓ 2 LIVE Q&A with Master Teacher Lauren Toolin

    This program is designed so that even if you were unable to attend a single live session, you wouldn’t miss anything and could still keep up in relative real-time. All sessions for this live training will be recorded and made available ASAP to students who are unable to attend live. We are also looking to schedule live office hours/Q&A with Lauren at times favorable to students around the world. But, even if you can’t attend one of the live office hours, you would be able to submit your questions ahead of time and get the recorded session ASAP. Also, we will have a moderated Facebook group that you can use to ask questions of Lauren and her assistants throughout the program.

    Your Registration Bonus Bundle includes:

    ✓ Foundations and Fundamentals Master Class, Introduction to Tantric Meditation, Transforming Negativity Kriya

    ✓ Free the Breath: A restorative yoga practice for enhanced respiration.

    ✓ Tips and Pointers: Using the breath as a real-time energy management system.

    ✓ Certification from Pranamaya School for Yoga Mastery: priceless

    ✓ Your beautifully Illustrated Printable Workbook

    ✓ Your beautifully Illustrated Digital Study Cards

    Total course value: $1,995
    You pay $695

    The Transformative Power of Conscious Breathing


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