Chakra Theory and Meditation


A Brilliant and Accessible Guide to the Yogic Path of the Spirit
NTSC/All Region – 5.5 Hours

If you have done yoga for long enough, you soon come across discussions of chakra theory. Learn more about the chakras and how to release them in Paul Grilley’s chakra yoga DVD. This lesson teaches you about how yoga works beyond physical asanas to enhance your spiritual and mental health.

Paul Grilley made waves with his influential DVD Anatomy for Yoga, which changed the way teachers approached their students’ traditional yoga poses. This chakra yoga DVD is as accessible as Grilley’s anatomy DVD and just as powerful of a tool to make huge transformations in the world of yoga.

Chakra yoga teaches that the seven chakras have four dimensions: their physical location, as well as the organs, emotions, and mental characteristics that they relate to. In this chakra yoga DVD, Paul Grilley describes how to understand and purify the chakras to achieve greater health and well-being.

This chakra yoga DVD outlines the importance of chakra meditation, how the chakras relate to the creation of a separate self, and how to evolve the self to awaken the chakras through meditation. Twelve special guided audio meditations ensure you have the tools to put these chakra yoga teachings to use.

Add depth to your practice with chakra theory today!

Highlights from the DVD include:
• Over 5 1/2 hours of total content
• 4 hours of theory presentation and practice instruction
• Over 90 minutes of guided audio meditations
• Special feature: MP3 versions of all guided meditations

Theory presentation topics include:
• Importance and purpose of chakra meditation
• Chakras and the creation of the separate self
• Evolution of the self and the cycle of samsara
• The physical, astral and causal functions of each chakra
• Awakening the chakras through chakra meditation

In-depth instruction on chakra meditation techniques, including:
• Listening to the Nada
• The role of prana and pranayama in chakra meditation
• Ham Sa – So Ham Mantra
• Chakra meditation using bandha techniques
• Sushumna Purification
• Suggested chakra meditation routine

12 special guided audio meditations, including:
• Listening to the Nada
• Ham Sa and So Ham Mantra
• Bandha meditations for each chakra
• Sushumna Purification

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