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    Elaine Jackson

    I was super excited about this course until I realized it was digital only. As a rural person with terrible access to internet I am unable to participate. I just wanted to let you know that a big chunk of people will be excluded for this reason. So sorry to miss out on this

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    Hi Elaine.

    Thank you for your input. We will make sure to pass on your feedback to the team.


    The Pranamaya Team

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    I as well live in a rural area surrounded with mountains and have “spotty-at-best” internet service. Another format – e.g. disk – for the program would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nancy McCrea

    With great disappointment, I cannot stream very well either. I’d purchase the DVD in a heartbeat. Or go somewhere to get a permanent download for my laptop.

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    Rivkah Moore

    Also challenge with streaming. Loved Paul’s DVDs and this looks like a fabulous course. Sadly limited to a certain group of yogis only

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    Harley Rinzler

    Hi Everyone,
    I am so sorry to hear that you all have limited access to streaming and are therefore unable to receive The Functional Approach.
    We certainly wrestled with this when designing the program – there are many rich interactive features that simply won’t work on a disc.
    However, I want you to know that we hear you and will take the next couple weeks to see if we can come up with a solution that would work for you.
    Best Regards,
    Harley Rinzler
    Owner, Pranamaya

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    Dani Jay

    Yes, thanks for pointing this out, I have the same problem connectivity “challenges” by living in a rural community. I would LOVE to take this course if it could be provided in another format.

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    Will this work on an iphone or ipad without wifi connection? Often times, my quiet space does not have wifi but I can still access the web via my phone. I just wanted to check before I purchased. Thank you

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    Terry Olsen

    I would love to take this course but not sure I have a good enough enternet connection. If I pay for the training and find out I am unable to stream it can I get a refund? Wish it was on a DvD!

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    Harley Rinzler

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for reaching out. The program does require a wifi connection to stream.


    The Pranamaya Team

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    Harley Rinzler

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for reaching out. Per our previous response, while the program does require a strong wifi connection we are exploring other potential options to provide the program to people who have limited access to internet. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


    The Pranamaya Team

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    I would also prefer this course on disc. I order many courses online that come on DVD but also include streaming. Will this be an option in the future?

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    Let me echo what’s been said here and add a few things. Love the idea of the practice builder, eight practice and study guide. But I don’t need the credit hours and can’t afford $495. Would also prefer to be able to download the reading materials and get the videos either on disk or on something I can download to an ipad so it doesn’t require internet. Would like to ask the team to consider a less expensive option that includes the three things mentioned above without the credit hours or other perks that make this near $500. Maybe a $200 option? Thank you for considering!

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